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fort worth accountant deborah-mcdowell-cpa-welcome-stephanieThank you for visiting Stephanie Horst, CPA Professional Corporation online today.


If you are looking for Personal Service and Accounting Expertise you have come to the right place. Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to bringing you expertise in accounting and tax preparation and the personal service necessary to effectively communicate for the best outcomes for you.

No one wants to get a letter from the IRS in their mailbox. It brings a sinking feeling of dread that the new will not be good. We are here to help resolve issues that the IRS may have with your business or individual tax returns. We have access to the IRS Practitioners HOTLINE to assist in the timely resolution of tax matters.

Stephanie Horst, CPA, Professional Corporation Philosophy

This firm is guided by the belief that personal attention will never become obsolete. We pride ourselves on professionalism and responsiveness and understand how vital it is for you to receive answers in a timely manner.

The issues facing small business owners are unique and require expertise in many areas to provide guidance in finding the solutions that meet your needs. Our CPAs have experience in many industries, company structures, and general business knowledge such as Human Resources, Payroll, Compliance, Insurance risk management, Retirement plans, Investment options and Best practices Management. We have many outside resources that we can share with our clients in these areas as well.

We do not sell insurance, act as an investment brokerage, practice law or any other services outside the practice of public accounting. We also do not offer attestation services such as auditing, review or compilation of financial statements.

Two plus two will always equal four, but all accounting and Tax professional firms do not provide equal value to every business model. Please compare firms and seek a firm that meets your specific needs. Please call or email us to see if Stephanie Horst, CPA Professional Corporation is the right choice for you. Your initial consultation will be at no charge to facilitate the determination that we are a good fit for each other.